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Jul 30, 2014:So we're going to see Jack White tomorrow night at the ACC. #toronto
Jul 29, 2014:This Saturday we are playing in #Ottawa! @couchassassin @IndieCityMad @AvantGardeBar
Jul 29, 2014:@webbtj @jessie_brown_ we'll be back on the east coast next week. Probably going to sleep for a week after that. But we'll catch up soon!
Jul 29, 2014:Taking it easy today. Totally all toured out. Got some cool announcements coming soon, just need to sleep a little first.
Live Review - Lethbridge - June 28th 2014
The Owl Acoustic Lounge featured a little bit of doom and gloom , June 28 as they brought in Halifax blues/ rock duo The Bloody Diamonds.

They played a huge, loud set of noisy, sludgy, Black Sabbath styled , detuned rock.

They had an absolutely heavy sound from guitarist/ Vocalist Sarah Elizabeth and the pounding drums of Jake Seaward. [Read More...]
Final Leg of North American Tour + Bovine Sex Club Residency

After we leave the states we're going to head to Ontario for a bit to do a residency at The Bovine Sex Club in Toronto. Starting on July 14th we'll be there every Monday for the rest of the month. We'll be doing some shows around the province as well before we start heading back east and finally end this 100+ day tour. Dates are below, more details can be found here.

7/14 - Toronto, ON @ Bovine Sex Club
7/15 - Waterloo, ON @ House Show
7/18 - Belleville, ON @ The City Bell Pub
7/19 - Trenton, ON @ Stix N Stones
7/21 - Toronto, ON @ Bovine Sex Club
7/23 - Kitchener, ON @ The Hive
7/25 - Peterborough, ON @ The Spill
7/26 - Oshawa, ON @ Wasted Space
7/28 - Toronto, ON @ Bovine Sex Club
8/01 - Kingston, ON @ The Artel
8/02 - Ottawa, ON @ Avant-Garde Bar
8/04 - Saint John, NB @ TBA

Doing What It Takes (BDs Tackles North America As A Duo)
No booking agent? No problem. As far as Bloody Diamonds vocalist/guitarist/organist Sara Elizabeth is concerned, booking an independent tour is something new bands need to go through.

“I’d suggest any bands, for as long as possible, book their own tours because it’s such a good learning experience, going through the whole process and learning how to do it better every time,” she says, acknowledging that at some point, bands need to rely on someone else in order to get on larger bills, but not right out of the gate. [Read More...]
Interview with Vancouver Weekly
Since Halifax’s Bloody Diamonds formed in 2011, they’ve been honing a goth-tinged hard rock sound that has been winning over audiences mostly in the Maritimes and Ontario. In that time, the band has released an LP, They’ve Got Secrets, and a 7-inch, “Monsters”. Although the tireless Bloody Diamonds have developed a solid following on the east coast on the strength of those releases, the band is in the midst of bringing their music to new audiences across Canada and parts of the US. After numerous line-up changes, Bloody Diamonds, who often perform as a four-piece, have embarked on their longest tour yet as the core duo, Sara Elizabeth and Jake Seaward.

One of the several new cities Bloody Diamonds will hit is Vancouver. On Sunday, June 22, Bloody Diamonds will appear at the Railway Club alongside Vancouver bands Kicked off the Farm, Grizzly Bones, and Elizabeth. While on the road, Sara took time to answer a few questions from Vancouver Weekly about touring big, winning over new audiences, Halifax’s all-ages music scene, and the band’s visit to Jack White’s studio/performance space/vinyl-fetishist’s paradise, Third Man Records in Nashville. [Read More...]
Live Review - Toronto - May 7th 2014
Bloody Diamonds are an intense blues rock band which tours as a two piece although two other members populate their hometown shows in Halifax. These guys have been around since 2011 and they have clearly been working very hard since then. Throughout their set at The Bovine Sex Club Sara Elizabeth rocked back and forth with rolling wollops and head thrashing that resembled a mix between Janis Joplin and an enraged mental patient. Her vocals where haunting and towering, soaked with the drama of an old bluesmith. She had great energy.

Jake Seaward, however, was essentially stationary throughout the set, not for a lack of energy, but because of a neat percussive innovation whereby he provided a steady and driving back beat on a bass drum which built a powerful foundation for his minimalist, heavy rock style, which resembles something like a mix of Black Sabbath and a hendrixian blues style. Bloody Diamonds are currently on a North American Tour so check up on when they are coming by your area. They are an amazing live act. [Read More...]