Bloody Diamonds

New EP "Tough Love" Out Now!

Dirty riffs, powerhouse vocals and devilish distortion. Toronto's dark bluesy-rock band Bloody Diamonds are a rock n' roll monster.

Photo by Li-on Grevier

Bloody Diamonds play rock n' roll. Soulful, powerful vocals and dirty riffs make their hard-hitting live show a bewitching act to behold. Somewhere between Black Sabbath, Jack White and Patti Smith lays this Toronto-based four-piece, with a vocalist who is one minute soft and sweet - then foaming at the mouth. With years of heavy touring under their belt, the band is currently back in the studio after a recent cross Canada tour supporting their latest release 'Tough Love' - a raw and intoxicating five-track record.

"The real story with Bloody Diamonds, hands down, is lead singer Sara Elizabeth. There are very few people with pipes that come close to her controlled-yet-wild dynamic." - NOW Magazine

"I was particularly impressed by the moody and introspective vibe from Bloody Diamonds, in particular the raw and guttural energy from lead vocalist Sara Elizabeth." - Lithium Magazine